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The following services are free of charge to assist with your SEO campaign, and are available upon request.

SEO on Google

Site Validation

Validating your site is key and one of the things most website owners don't realize needs to be done in order to insure that the search engines fully see all of your content and the links to other content throughout your site. Search engine spiders come through your site on a regular basis and look for information about your products and services via the coding of your site. If these spiders run into roadblocks/errors and can't get through to the information, they won't be able to do their job efficiently, and you will get less of your site delivered to them.

By following all site validation parameters, in conjunction with all the other necessary steps for proper SEO combined, your site will have the best potential to get the highest rankings possible.

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization is a process that increases the relevancy of a website for targeted key phrases, in order to improve the site's rankings in organic search results.

Since 99.9% of site owners don't take advantage of all that is available to help their sites rank higher, working with Secure Independence Inc. will give you a definite advantage. Our professional programmers will make sure your site is using correct programming and syntax to make it easy for the search engines to read the information on your site. If necessary, they will retool your site, using appropriate programming (keeping the integrity and exact look of your site in tact), that complements the other SEO components of our service.

Please note: Although some CMS sites need to be better optimized, there may be some limitations as to what can be done directly on the site, due to specific software or customized themes that were used and to the software itself. In addition, an update will eventually come and would wipe out what we changed.


Secure Independence Inc. complete hosting service packages with knowledgeable 24/7 live customer support, professional accounts, ecommerce solutions, and website statistics tools. If you would like us to host your website at no cost, here is what you get with our free hosting service:

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Affordable Search Engine Marketing
Affordable Search Engine Marketing
Affordable Search Engine Marketing
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